Superstar DJs discuss the history, culture, technology, spirituality and the future of electronic dance music - the music that catapulted the Club DJ to “rock star” status and united dance floors across the globe in the documentary film LIQUID VINYL – A FILM BY TAYLOR NEARY premiering at the 2005 Slamdance Film Festival in Park City, Utah.

“It” was a euphoria,” DJ Goldie remarks. “It” changed people’s lives as it did mine,” reminisces Tall Paul. “It” is the experience that millions across the globe felt the first time they heard the melodic beats and soulful grooves of dance music at the hands of a skilled technician - the Club DJ.

Larry Levan is arguably the first superstar DJ. In the 80’s, he became a legend on the dance floor at the Paradise Garage in New York City for his ability to move the crowd into ecstasy with his selection of music and marathon sets. The cult of the DJ and dance music then traversed the globe, revolutionizing the dance floor and uniting cultures with its new electrifying sound of pumping beats and elevating crescendos. Suddenly DJs were playing to crowds in the thousands, then tens of thousands, and finally to over 1.5 million at the Love Parade in Berlin, Germany. The DJs became gods and superheroes using their turntables and vinyl to inspire millions to dance with unabated joy. It was a revolution, and yet somehow still retained its cool underground sub-culture status.

In the new documentary feature LIQUID VINYL – A FILM DIRECTED BY TAYLOR NEARY, these kings of the turntables discuss DJ culture and dance music from its modest underground roots to its supreme reign around the world. They elaborate on its spiritual side and cross-cultural appeal while voicing concerns over Internet downloading and CD burning, and identifying piracy as the potential end to dance music.

Yet, there seems to be no end in sight, as the Winter Music Conference, held annually in Miami, Florida continues to draw thousands worldwide to partake in the celebration of Dance Music, and Superstar DJs continue to sell out venues commanding huge salaries wherever they spin.

LIQUID VINYL – A FILM BY TAYLOR NEARY is the filmmaker’s first feature documentary. Utilizing interviews with legendary DJ artists from the dance music world interspersed with special moments from the global club scene, Neary provides that unique insight into a global phenomenon that continues to shape cultures around the world through music. This non-fiction film is a dance music lovers delight as it includes an incredible array of interviews with such music masters as Frankie Knuckles (aka The Godfather of House); David Morales (one of the few to play at the Paradise Garage); Tony Humphries (defined the NJ sound at club Zanzibar); “Little” Louie Vega (partnered with Kenny “Dope” Gonzalez to form the prolific production duo, Masters at Work); Carl Cox (pioneered the rave scene in England); Goldie (pioneered the Drum ‘n’ Base scene in England); Jason Bentley; Marques Wyatt; Roger Sanchez; Mark Lewis; Tedd Patterson; Lady Bunny; Susan Morabito; D:Fuse ; Victor Calderone; and many others. LIQUID VINYL brings together the DJ’s, the people behind the scene, and the dancers from the floor that all ultimately share in the magic of the music. It’s not just about glow sticks and the grinding beat – but a whole culture defined by their love of dance music and an artist that can take a box full of records, mix them together and literally spin the dancer into oblivion.